Breeding Contract

This Agreement, made on _______ 20____ between __________________________ hereinafter “Stallion Owner, and ___________________________, hereinafter, Mare Owner

BREEDING FEE: mare owner agrees to breed the mare _________________________, 

Registration Number ______________ to the stallion, ________________________, 

Registration Number _______________. Mare Owner agrees to pay the breeding fee of ________________for breeding services for mare to said stallion, to the Stallion Owner according to the following schedule.

  1.  __________ Booking Fee
  2. __________ Balance of ___________, due when the mare is checked in foal at 21 days.

OTHER EXPENSES: Mare owner will pay all board and veterinarian fees associated with this breeding. 

LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE: Stallion Owner guarantees a live foal from this mating. A live foal is defined as one that will stand and nurse unassisted. If the mare aborts, or the foal is born dead,, Mare owner agrees to furnish Stallion owner a veterinarian’s certificate describing the occurrence within 30 days. In such a case, Mare owner is guaranteed a return privilege free of additional breeding fees for the same or another mare of Mare Owners choice. 

CONTRACT NULLIFICATION: It is understood that if the Stallion dies or becomes unfit for service, this contract shall become null and void, and all money paid as part of the breeding fee shall be refunded to the Mare Owner, including the booking fee. If the Mare dies,, or becomes unfit to breed, this contract shall become null and void and all money paid as part of the breeding fee, less booking fee, shall be refunded to the Mare Owner, unless Mare Owner wishes to substitute another Mare. In the case of substitution, fees paid to that date, shall be transferred to the substitute Mare. 

______________________________                   _____________________________
Stallion Owner or Agent                                   Mare Owner





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