Boarding/Training Agreement

This Boarding and Training Agreement is entered into on ____________, 20___, between

      ____________(Your Name)____________________

and _________________________________________________ (“Owner(s)”), as to the following horse:

NAME _____________________________________________________________________________ SEX __________________ BREED ______________________ REGISTRATION NO.____________ COLOR__________________________MARKINGS _________________________________________

  1. BOARDING AND TRAINING CHARGES. Owner shall pay $ _____.00 per month for all boarding services and training at $ _____.00 per month to ___________ (Your Name)_____________, which sum(s) shall be due and payable on the first day of each month in advance. Any payment not received by the first of the month shall result in a late charge of fifty (50) dollars.
  2. SHOWING OF HORSE. (Your Name), in its sole discretion, shall determine all shows in which the horse is to be entered, and the classes in which the horse shall compete at any given show. Owner agrees to pay all costs for transportation, stabling, entry fees and related expenses incurred in showing the horse. All ribbons, trophies, awards and prize money won by the horse shall be and remain in the sole property of the Owner.
    Shoeing: (Your Name) shall arrange for the periodic shoeing of the horse at the Owner’s expense.
    Worming: (Your Name) requires that all horses shall be wormed at 8 – week intervals. (Your Name) shall arrange for worming of the horse at Owner’s expense.
    Annual Shots: Owner agrees to provide for the horse’s annual shots. If upon arrival to (Your Name), proof of annual shots and worming is not provided by Owner, (Your Name) will make arrangements for such shots to be administered and owner is responsible for fees incurred.

  4. FOALS. Foals are to be halter broken upon arrival or (Your Name) will halter break foal at Owner’s expense and risk.
  5. ILLNESS/INJURY. If the horse becomes ill or is injured, (Your Name) will attempt to notify Owner at the telephone numbers listed below for instruction. If Owner cannot be reached at those numbers, or if the horse’s health requires immediate action, (Your Name) shall have the right to use its best judgment regarding measures to be taken for the welfare and health of the horse. Any medical or other fees incurred shall be paid by the Owner and (Your Name) shall have no liability therefore.
  6. CONSIGNMENT TERMS FOR SALE. Owner hereby authorizes (Your Name) to sell the horse under the following terms and conditions and agrees to pay to (Your Name) a Sales Commission as covered in paragraph 7.

    SALES PRICE _____________________________________ INTEREST RATE ________________ TERMS ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________
    Owner Signature 

  7. SALES COMMISSION. Customer agrees to compensate (Your Name) in the sum equal to 10 Percent (10%) of the selling price of if the horse is sold under any of the following circumstances:
    a. A sale during the term of this agreement regardless of whether the sale is made by (Your Name) or anyone else including Owner.
    b. A sale during the time the horse is at (Your Name) regardless of whether the sale is made by (Your Name) or anyone else including Customer.
    c. A sale, transfer, or lease within six (6) months beyond the term of this agreement if such sale, transfer, or lease is to anyone with whom (Your Name) has had negotiations during the term of this agreement.
    d. A sale, transfer, or lease within six (6) months beyond the time that the horse was at (Your Name) if such sale, transfer, or lease is to anyone with whom (Your Name) has had negotiations during the time that the horse was at (Your Name).
  8. LIEN RIGHTS. (Your Name) shall have and is hereby granted a lien on the horse described above for any and all unpaid board, training, show expenses, and other charges. (Your Name) may exercise its lien rights by giving written notice of its intention to Owner at the address set forth below. Ten (10) days after mailing the notice, (Your Name) may dispose of the horse for the unpaid bill at private or public sale. Owner hereby waives any and all other legal notice. In the event the sale does not secure a price sufficient to pay costs and charges, Owner shall be liable for the difference. Any sum realized over and above the amount owed shall belong to Owner.
  9. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY. (Your Name) shall not be responsible for any damage or injury to the person or property of Owner or his/her agents, employees, invitees or licensees unless directly caused by the willful misconduct of (Your Name) or its employees. Owner herby covenant(s) not to sue (Your Name) or its agents or employees for any damage or loss. Owner agrees to assume all responsibility and risk for himself/herself, his/her employees, agents and invitees arising out of engaging or participating in equestrian activities upon (Your Name)’s premises, and agrees to hold (Your Name), its owners, employees and agents harmless for all damages or liability for any injury to person, horse or property arising for any reason whatsoever in using the premises. (Your Name), its owners, agents and employees shall not be liable for any damage which may accrue from any cause as a result of fire, theft, running away, state of health, or injury to person, horse or property.
  10. TERMINATION. Either (Your Name) or the Owner may terminate this Agreement upon thirty (30) days’ written notice for any reason whatsoever. All outstanding fees and/or expenses must be paid by Owner prior to release of horse by (Your Name).
  11. GOVERNING LAW. This Agreement is to be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of (Your State).
  12. INTEGRATION/MODIFICATION. This Agreement contains the full and complete understanding and agreement between (Your Name) and Owner with respect to the within subject matter and supersedes all other agreements between them, whether written or oral. This Agreement may not be modified, amended or rescinded in except b written instrument executed by the party to be charged.

(Your Name)









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