Friesian Organizations/Registration

Friesch Paarden-Stamboek (KFPS)

    The Friesian Harness Horse Association
    Established in 1955, the Friesian Harness Horse Association is based in Friesland and promotes the showing of Friesian horses in harness before the traditional gig or ‘sjees’, the concours car, and participation in the traditional ‘ring stekken’.


United States Equestrian Federation (USEF)
The National Governing Body for Equestrian Sport

Friesian Horse Association of North America (FHANA)

FHANA Chapters

International Friesian Show Horse Association (IFSHA)

IFSHA is a non-profit show circuit organization dedicated to the promotion, showing and exhibition of the Friesian bred horse and their exhibitors. It is the sole United States Equestrian Federation recognized representative of the Friesian horse in competition. IFHSA’s goal is “to provide a Rated Show Circuit with rules and regulations to protect the Horses while providing a fair and enjoyable playing field.”

American Friesian Association (AFA)

The AFA is an American-based purebred and partbred Friesian registry founded in 2004. It’s mission is “to preserve and promote the purebred Friesian horse in America, to promote the Friesian Warmblood (Partbred) horse in America, and to serve the needs of the owners and breeders of these horses.”

Friesian Blood Horse Registry (FBHR)

Registry of purebred Friesians and Friesian crossbreds established in the United States in 2004. Offers yearly inspections in conjunction with the Friesian Sport Horse Registry.

Friesian Heritage Horse and Sporthorse International (FHHSI)

Founded in 2006, the FHHSI is based in the United States and registers horses of at least 25% Friesian heritage.

The Friesian Horse Society (FHS)

Established in 1992 as a North American affiliate organization, the FHS now offers international registration for all purebred Friesians as well as Part-Bred and Arabo-Friesians.

Friesian Sport Horse Association (FSA)

The Friesian Sporthorse Association (FSA) is the official registry of the Friesian Sporthorse. The FSA is internationally recognized and registers Friesian Sporthorses worldwide. Offering Awards Programs (including USDF All-Breeds), Inspections, Breeding Approvals, Mare Books, Elite Books, and more. Established to encourage and recognize quality Friesian crossbreds bred especially for sport, based on established sporthorse and Warmblood breeding practices and registration guidelines.

Friesian Sport Horse Registry (FSHR)

A registry of part-bred Friesians in North America established “to encourage and recognize quality Friesian crossbreds bred especially as sporthorses, based on established sporthorse and Warmblood breeding practices and registration guidelines.”

The Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses

The Fenway Foundation is a non-profit corporation created to “preserve and enhance the longevity and quality of life of Friesian horses by accruing pertinent equine, more specifically Friesian, information to educate the public and offering assistance regarding Friesian horses and their owners throughout North America.” The Foundation focuses on research and education into Friesian health care, genetic study and the development of rescue facilities for the rehabilitation of Friesian horses in need of assistance.


Deutsche Friesenpferde-Zuchter

Friesenpferde Zuchtverband (FPZV)

The FPZV is a state-approved breeding association of the “Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung” (FN) founded in Germany in 1979. A daughter registry of the FPZV exists in the United States in the form of FPZV-USA.


Friese Dravers

De Friese Dravers, or “The Friesian Trotters” is a group of individuals based in the Netherlands who compete in regular trotting races based on the historical Friesian trotting races popular in the 1800′s. Races are performed at the Wolverhampton racetrack, in two types, either in harness to a ‘Friesian sulky’ or ‘On the Man’ ie: ridden in traditional costume, with a blinkered driving bridle, bareback on an orange blanket. Trotting races may also be performed in winter with sleights on the ice.







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